(contains graphic language due to a crappy mind)

?So what is this none-sense we call life anyway

.weird question to ask huh? yup. and it’s about to get weirder any second

why am I asking this? why do I call it none-sense? I mean doesn’t it mean anything to me? doesn’t it have any value? am I one of those existential nihilists? or becoming one? Honestly I don’t know. that’s why I’m writing about it

yes there’s this beautiful sunshine crawling into my bedroom that touches me tenderly in sleep and all that bullshit you hear from poets and romantic writers. Flowers, a baby’s cute smile, a kiss from your lover, an “I’m proud of you son” from your father, a thank you note from someone you helped a long time ago, seeing your friends success and happiness and etc

?yes all these things are beautiful and lovely to see. but is that what life is

i mean if that’s it then you must be so effed up to cling to and be proud of having such temporary and shitty thing? right? i mean yes there’s sunshine but after a month there’s this cloud and rain ruining your mood (and if your gonna tell me cloudy weather is as lovely and likable as a sunny day then, well… your not following the point here, ####). there are flowers but there is winter that withers every beautiful little thingy you call flowers and ruins all your effort for watching that grow. a baby’s smile? what about millions of children crying and dying and getting murdered and all the shit you know?  love? heartbreak and more of god knows what that follows a heartbreak. your fathers pride towards you? what if you see him getting old and weak and pass away in front of you and there wouldn’t be a god damned thing you could do? a note from someone you helped a long time ago… seriously? your friends? yeah they leave you and betray you and never look back when they see a chance and find someone else

and murder, and war, and crimes, and accusations, and hunger, and diseases and and and

…yea that’s effed up. if that’s life

yea this hurts to think about, and you wont think about it until you have to. you will be called depressed or nihilist or ungrateful of life’s beauty and suicidal… so maybe you are. although you don’t have to be! yes mia menso estas terura

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Maybe we should just drown in beauty of a rose blossom than finding the secret behind it ?

ترجمه ای ازاد از سهراب 🙂

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سلام شایان 🙂 با اینکه انگلیسیم خوب نیست ولی صبخ یک ساعت نشستم با ضرب وزور و به کمک دیکشنری البته این متنتو خوندم. سوالی که برای تو پیش اومده دغدغه‌ی من هم هست، فکر کنم دغدغه‌ی خیلیای دیگه هم باشه . من هنوز جواب خوبی برای این سوال که معنی زندگی چیه پیدا نکردم. فکر کنم بدنباشه برای بعد از مرخصیم اولین پستم درباره‌ی معنی زندگی باشه. اصلا شاید بد نباشه چندماه یکبار از جوابهایی که برای این سوال پیدا می‌کنم بنویسم. پی نوشت : راستی شایان یه نامه برای خودت توی جهان موازی نوشته بودی یادته؟ نمیخای اونو… بیشتر

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